Thursday September 25, 2008

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist, The Hamilton Spectator – Thursday September 25, 2008

Metrolinx’s Big Move will change city for the better

History will record that Hamilton came of age yesterday with a transit announcement made in a non- descript Toronto hotel ballroom. 

The $50-billion “Big Move” unveiled by Metrolinx chair Rob MacIsaac will forever change the form, functioning and economic prospects of our city. 

In MacIsaac’s words, the plan will “cement Hamilton’s place as an integral hub of the GTA transit network and spur significant economic activity throughout the region.” 

It also threatens to shift our centre of political gravity from Hamilton City Hall to Metrolinx’s headquarters in Toronto. 

The specific commitments include all-day express electrified GO service between downtown Hamilton and Union Station and a much anticipated light-rapid transit line connecting McMaster University and Eastgate Square. 

It also contemplates a future north-south rapid transit connection between downtown and Hamilton’s airport. 

Even hard-bitten Hamilton cynics will have trouble disliking all of the positive elements of these announcements. 

LRT is a modern, efficient and reliable way to move large numbers of people quickly. It will also inevitably attract investment, create jobs and increase property values throughout the city.  (Source: Hamilton Spectator) 

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