Friday, May 24, 2013

By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Friday, May 24, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford’s Silence is Deafening

Mayor Rob Ford needs to say: “I did not smoke crack and if there’s a video that I did, it’s a fabrication.”

He needs to say it if he’s going to continue to be mayor in anything more than name.

Such an unequivocal denial of allegations by and the Toronto Star that such a video exists, will prove to the public Ford doesn’t fear that video becoming public.

And that the reason he doesn’t fear it is, it’s a fraud.

But if Ford can’t say that, then he should step aside and ask Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday to serve in his place, while he seeks medical help and counseling, after which he can make a decision about his political future as mayor.

It is not enough for Ford to simply dismiss this allegation as “ridiculous,” or to send out third parties to deny it based on what he has told them.
Of course it’s “ridiculous” that the mayor is being accused of smoking crack cocaine and consorting with drug dealers.
The issue isn’t whether it’s ridiculous. The issue is whether it’s true.

Arguments that Ford is entitled to the presumption of innocence miss the point. That refers to the high level of evidence required to convict someone of a crime. But Ford isn’t charged with a crime – It matters how he addresses this attack on his credibility.

Logically, the first thing a mayor falsely accused of smoking crack and consorting with drug dealers would do, would be to proclaim his innocence in no uncertain terms and sue the media who said it.
Why hasn’t he? (Source: Toronto Sun)