Thursday December 13, 2012

By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Thursday December 13, 2012

Toronto sets a good tone on police budget

A confidential report says Congratulations to Toronto’s police board, which had the gumption to nix a 2 per cent budget increase, voting instead to freeze its budget for 2013. Let’s hope that puts some pressure on the Hamilton Police Services Board to rein in the budget here.

There needs to be more than a little wiggle room in Chief Glenn De Caire’s requested 5.25 per cent increase, which is substantially higher than the 3.5 per cent hike the city expected. Meanwhile, all other departments and agencies have been told to build budgets based on no increased spending.

Members of our police board must stiffen their spines — they represent taxpayers as well as the police. While a 0 per cent increase probably isn’t in the cards, police management should at least hit the 3.5 per cent target. Taxpayers’ pockets are not bottomless. (Source: Hamilton Spectator)