Saturday May 3, 2014

By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday May 3, 2014

Ontario election called for June 12

Kathleen Wynne pulled the plug on her minority government Friday following word from the NDP that it would not support the latest budget — a move that will send Ontarians to the polls on June 12.

Wynne visited Lieut.-Gov. David Onley Friday afternoon to request that he dissolve the legislature following word from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath that her caucus would not support the budget tabled Thursday.

Wynne said she was prepared to debate and implement her government’s budget, and was “disappointed” to hear of Horwath’s intentions. The NDP leader had propped up the minority Liberals by supporting its last two budgets after negotiating concessions.

“Quite frankly, I thought there was a lot in the budget that would recommend itself to the Tories and to the NDP,” Wynne told reporters Friday after dropping the writ.

Wynne quickly launched into an attack against the opposition parties, warning voters that the province “can’t veer off to the left or the right.”

“On June 12, the people of the province will have a choice,” Wynne said. “They will have a choice between the balanced approach of a Liberal government that will create jobs and nurture our economic recovery, and the opposition (putting the) recovery in jeopardy with reckless schemes and irresponsible choices.”

The NDP will “make pie-in-the-sky promises” but won’t say how they will pay for them, Wynne said. And the Progressive Conservatives will slash public services and lead Ontario on “a path towards a low-wage, low-growth economy.”

Hours earlier, Horwath said she had lost confidence in the Wynne government and her caucus would vote against the latest budget.

Upon hearing of Wynne’s trip to Onley’s office, Horwath said she “relishes” the opportunity to make her case to voters.

“Ultimately it’s the government that has to follow through when it comes to getting things done and we’ve seen that they cannot do that,” Horwath told CTV News Channel early Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, the NDP leader told reporters at Queen’s Park that she has lost confidence in Wynne’s “ability to deliver” on her promises, and said it’s “time for a change” at Queen’s Park. (Source: CTV News)

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