Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday June 27, 2020

Staycation summer

Believe it or not, summer has arrived, and with it, the staples of the season. This year will be one to remember—not for the excitement and many activities, but at least for quality time together. For the last three months or so, we’ve been shut-in. Shopping is by delivery or a quick trip for a few things with the occasional tremendous shopping spree in face masks with social distancing in place. Even then, we try and make it as snappy as possible.

And for kids, there’s no camp, no trips, no block or birthday parties.

So you need to get a little creative to pass the time, and make it both educational and entertaining. Instead of heading to the airport, plan a road trip an hour or two away from home. Or maybe you can head to a family vacation place or rental, loading up the car with the dog and the suitcases. Some folks are choosing to pay for an RV and drive cross-state or cross-country to discover the great outdoors. (JNS) https://www.jns.org/staycation-summer-sort-of-with-delicious-distancing/

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