June 15, 2023

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Thursday June 15, 2023

Ready to Shake Up Ontario Politics and Unseat Ford’s Arrogance

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie’s official campaign launch to become the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party has injected a much-needed energy and experience into the race. With her impressive track record and the overwhelming support she has received, Crombie is poised to become a formidable challenger to Premier Doug Ford and his increasingly arrogant government.

Crombie’s decision to enter the leadership race comes at a crucial time for the Ontario Liberal Party. After a disappointing performance in the last provincial election, where they secured only eight seats and failed to gain official party status, the Liberals have been desperately searching for a leader who can reinvigorate the party and bring it back to its former glory.

News: Bonnie Crombie officially enters race for Ontario Liberal leadership https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/bonnie-crombie-ontario-liberal-leadership-race-1.6875297

With the resignation of former leader Steven Del Duca following the 2022 election, the Liberals were left without a clear path forward. Del Duca’s campaign centered on affordability but failed to resonate with voters. It became evident that the party needed a fresh face and a new approach to connect with Ontarians.

Enter Bonnie Crombie. As a former Liberal MP and the current mayor of Mississauga since 2014, Crombie brings a wealth of political experience and a proven ability to lead. Her centrist political style, focused on addressing what’s broken, resonates with voters who are tired of partisan politics and empty promises.

During her campaign launch, Crombie wasted no time in highlighting the failures of the Ford government. She pointed out the crisis in healthcare, the underfunding of education, and the disregard for the environment. Crombie’s ability to articulate the concerns of Ontarians and offer tangible solutions sets her apart from other candidates in the race.

Moreover, Crombie’s unwavering commitment to protecting the Greenbelt and Ontario Place demonstrates her dedication to preserving Ontario’s natural spaces. Her opposition to the government’s decision to open up these areas to developers shows a strong stance on environmental issues that matter to the people.

Crombie’s focus on inclusivity and collaboration is another aspect that sets her apart. She acknowledges the importance of working with healthcare workers, educators, Indigenous Peoples, and municipalities, rather than alienating them, as the Ford government has done. Her ability to build bridges and foster partnerships will be essential in restoring trust and confidence in the Ontario Liberal Party.

News: Bonnie Crombie attacks Doug Ford as ‘just plain wrong’ in launching Liberal leadership bid https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2023/06/14/bonnie-crombie-attacks-doug-ford-as-just-plain-wrong-in-launching-liberal-leadership-bid.html

Premier Doug Ford himself has acknowledged Crombie’s strength as a candidate, quipping, “What took you so long?” His remark is a testament to the impact Crombie has already made on the political landscape. Ford recognizes that she poses a significant threat and is prepared to engage in a spirited battle should she secure the Liberal leadership.

With her commitment to maintaining her role as mayor while campaigning for the leadership, Crombie showcases her dedication to serving the people of Mississauga and Ontario simultaneously. Her willingness to work tirelessly, campaigning on weeknights and weekends, demonstrates her work ethic and commitment to public service.

As the Ontario Liberals gear up for the leadership vote in November, it is clear that Bonnie Crombie has emerged as the frontrunner. Her experience, energy, and ability to connect with Ontarians make her the best candidate to lead the party to victory in the next provincial election. Crombie’s vision for a more inclusive and prosperous Ontario stands in stark contrast to the arrogance and divisiveness of the Ford government. Under her leadership, the Ontario Liberal Party can reclaim its position as a strong, progressive force and offer a brighter future for all Ontarians. (AI)

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