Recent editorial cartoons by Graeme MacKay are available for viewing (most of the time) at the online site of the Hamilton Spectator. You can also get a glimpse of the most recent work by scrolling down the right side of this page to what’s been posted to his Twitter feed

Like most newspapers, the Hamilton Spectator is ending its give-away of online content. It’s been a nice 10 year or so free run of generosity, but with it has come a reduction in ad revenue and a loss of content providers, namely, journalists, photographers, and… cartoonists. This is probably the last chance to keep traditional newspapers, like the Hamilton Spectator, from completely sinking into the abyss in the transition to subscriber supported digital media.

 Look for cartoons posted here one week after publication in the Hamilton Spectator, alongside contextual articles to help better understand the satire behind important issues of the day. Graeme has drawn thousands of cartoons over his lifetime, most of which have been digitized and available for viewing right here! for free! through  Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or an admirer of satire please feel free to share Graeme’s cartoons, but just be aware of his DOs & DON’Ts

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Several special showcases on this WordPress site include chronologies for former Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina, RIP Hamilton Marijuana Candidate Michael Baldasaro 1945-2016, the late politician Jim Flaherty, Farewell John Baird, Bye Peter MacKay, Farewell Tony Clement, Bye Robert Mugabe, Stephen Harper’s Majority years 2011-2015, Justin Trudeau pre PM, Trudeau Majority Years 2015-2019, the Hamilton LRT debate, Hamilton’s stadium timeline, Ted McMeekin Gallery, Kathleen Wynne’s minority government.

As a big fan of cartography, maps have been featured prominently throughout Graeme’s career. Here is a gallery of map cartoons from his portfolio:

Marvellous Maps

There are often summaries written by Graeme after major events, including this one written on the day Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States, and when Donald Trump was inaugurated President in 2017, and when Doug Ford became Premier of Ontario in 2018.

In 2016, he released a series depicting all the Presidents of the USA, which followed a series in 2015 capturing each of the 23 Canadian Prime Ministers. Not long after, the Kings and Queens of Great Britain.  Expect more galleries to come in the near future.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Graeme’s position as staff editorial cartoonist at the Hamilton Spectator and an estimated 4500 illustrations have been created in that time. There is an extensive body of work that has been digitized prior to being hired in 1997. In the mid 1990s he made many contributions to the Opinion pages of the Chicago Tribune and the Toronto Star. To find older cartoons from Graeme’s archives use the Archives drop down on the right column or enter keywords in the search box. Alternatively, visit an extensive archives of his work at using keywords. Feel free to contact Graeme if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Graeme MacKay has had an online presence of his cartoons on the Internet since November 1996. The dust from his very first website can be seen in the deep recesses of the Internet Archives.

It wasn’t until 10 years later, in 2006, that the Hamilton Spectator, the newspaper where he has worked as editorial cartoonist since 1997, began posting his cartoons on its website

The domain name of this website was created in 2001, and regular daily updates have happened ever since. Of the several overhauls has undergone this century, the most notable change happened when files were transferred from the previous host,, to, in 2013. It was in that same year WordPress became the site’s new platform for editing.  When the website became mired in viral attacks in early 2017, it was determined that Bluehost’s security agent, Sitelock, where data from this website was channelled through for malware attack prevention, was doing quite the opposite. Sitelock’s remedy required a one time fee of $300 or so to fix, or a more affordable, yet still outrageous $74.99/month added security service (read Sitelock’s reviews here). A far better, less costly anti-malware service, may be found in Wordfence which is highly recommended.  In August 2018, Bluehost ceased being this site’s host and SiteGround became the new replacement host service and has provided a worry-free first rate experience for Graeme ever since.

2019 Editorial Cartoons

2020 Editorial Cartoons