Wednesday October 1, 2003

By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Wednesday October 1, 2003

Bouncing back to Bay Street

Two years ago, after five election wins, Ernie Eves resigned his seat, walking away for a seven-figure private sector job on Bay St. with the Swiss-owned investment firm, Credit Suisse First Boston Canada.

“When I left public life in February, 2001, I was certainly convinced that Mike Harris was going to seek a third term and I was quite happy to let him do that,” he says. “And then, he decided on Thanksgiving weekend that year that he had other things he wanted to do. He wanted to spend more time with his boys, and I can certainly appreciate and respect that, having lost my son.”

Just as abruptly, he decided to run to replace Harris.

Rumour has it he was a flop on Bay St.

He laughs. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Bay St. was very rewarding for me financially. There is no doubt about that … to say that I took a large pay cut would be a very large understatement.”

Ontario’s premier earns $152,835. (Source: Hamilton Spectator)

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