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Election Measures
After the Liberals' near-death experience in the House of Commons last week, Canadians are becoming resigned to the fact that we will be going to the polls before the first of July. While another $280-million election in less than a year seems about as enjoyable as back-to-back root canals, the curtain call for Canada's 38th Parliament could not come a moment too soon.

We need an election not to "put out of its misery" a House that has degenerated into an ugly farce. Nor, as the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois would like us to think, to hold to account a government that no longer has the "moral authority" to lead the country. These are largely self-serving machinations the opposition hasevoked to mask their political opportunism.

Canadians need to go to the polls because, last month, the Prime Minister's dramatic televised pledge to call an election within 30 days of Justice John Gomery's final report permanently paralyzed government, regardless of whether Parliament passes the budget and survives into the autumn. Source.

May 16, 2005