Young Doug Ford

The series, Young Doug Ford made its debut appearance in the early Summer of 2018, as the government of Ontario was investigating pricing following the legalization of cannabis across Canada.

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Doug Ford and I are around the same age, he from Etobicoke, me from suburban Hamilton. He’s the first Premier who’s not 15 years older than me, and I think I have a good idea what his young life was like. The series has become less satire towards Ford and more a slice of time and nostalgia for my fellow middle agers. I was never a headbanger as a kid, but I’m pretty sure Dougie was!

Often asked is why the band Helix reappears as Dougie’s t-shirt choice band. I really don’t know why it stuck other than it being a popular Ontario band, and suiting the nostalgic regional nature of the series.

YDF crony shirt

The strip seems to connect to a certain demographic of readers quite nicely in the regional dailies throughout Metroland where my cartoons appear daily, not just in the Hamilton Spectator, but from the Waterloo Record to the Peterborough Examiner, to the Niagara Falls Review, and several other papers between. As I remind my interrogators, especially those older than me, my generation had to put up with retrospective homages to Elvis and the 1950s and the cultural aspects of those times. This is my little contribution to putting some memories to a bygone era while gently ribbing the top guy running the province now

Young Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario from his days of youth, with buddies Duart, and Kyle. | Illustrations by Graeme MacKay and available on a wide range of products for sale exclusively at Redbubble and TeePublic.

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