Illustration by Graeme MacKay

Welcome to the website. The aim of this site is to integrate all social media related to the editorial cartoons of Graeme MacKay in one place, and to show MacKay’s updated work as soon as the ink has dried. This is also where visitors can view his editorial cartoons going back to 2000 and where they have the opportunity to purchase single prints, greeting cards, and t-shirts!


ArtizansLogo1Graeme MacKay’s cartoons are published in newspapers, magazines, and  books around the world. They also appear on many online websites in digital forms.

All works of art within this web site are protected under Canadian copyright laws and international conventions. Please read the following for more information of use of content.

Most of the Graeme MacKay’s cartoons are posted on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Graeme loves it when his work gets shared and encourages you to share and like his work through your accounts.

If you are a blogger and you want to use any of Graeme’s cartoons that’s fine but please include a URL link back to the source page you found it on Graeme knows he can’t always police the bad eggs whom don’t bother to add the proper link-backs but the occasional random google image search often smokes bad bloggers out and then they meet the wrath of the heavy hand of copyright violation.


Graeme especially frowns upon those who alter, repurpose, and share his work in the form of social media memes for the benefit of their own commentary/sense of humour. This is a form of intellectual property theft, and it is unethical, not to mention, illegal. It is a challenge that all artists face, some of whom accept with resignation, while others act. Graeme takes full advantage of his rights under DMCA, but will undertake the task of issuing unpleasant rounds of shaming for the more recalcitrant violators, as a social media giant deliberates on a DMCA complaint. The Social Media Donkey Award is reserved for a rogues gallery of stubborn online awfulness whom thought having an anonymous Twitter or Facebook account meant freedom to alter and plagiarize other people’s work. If you get a message on behalf of Graeme advising cease and desisting of unauthorized use of his work, do choose wisely and act on such advice.


For information regarding reprints of editorial cartoons for your publication, or for use in a digital form on your website, please contact the Artizans Syndicate. If you see a cartoon you or your company/organization is interested in reprinting or reposting simply click on the main cartoon and you’ll be directed to Artizans. The syndicate bases fair rates for usage depending on the size of the audience for your publication or website.  If you think Graeme will be receptive to having his work printed in your publication in exchange for just exposure, and not for monetary compensation, please think again, professional cartoonists should not be expected to offer work for free much like plumbers won’t fix toilets without being paid.


If you are a scholarly individual, in other words, a student, teacher, or an academic of some sort, you are free to use or reprint any of MacKay’s cartoons for in-class studies without prior consent. In other words, there’s no need to contact him if you are using these cartoons for projects, assignments, or as teaching aids. Here’s a link to a nicely edited tutorial on editorial cartoons which use work found on this site

If you are interested, on behalf of an Educational Organization or Ministry or Department, in using any of the cartoons on this site for instructional purposes, either in text-book print or on your organization’s website, please contact Artizans.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Graeme MacKay if you require further explanation or comments on a particular cartoon, or editorial cartooning in general. He is a strong advocate of free expression and welcomes critiques from anyone who has a bone to pick regarding any of his cartoons. Prepare for some push back, especially to the knee-jerk r-word dropping folks out there whom should keep in mind this extract from a 2015 essay, “Accusations of racism (indeed any accusations) must be substantiated by the accuser, not automatically presumed to be true. Automatic presumption of racism without substantiation is not anti-racism; it is cowardice and vanity, as it suggests the individual is more interested in ensuring he or she does not appear racist rather than in actually countering racism.”  That said, Graeme is very active on various social media platforms listed on this page. You can also get in touch with him the old fashioned way:


Graeme MacKay,
Editorial Cartoonist,
c/o The Hamilton Spectator,
44 Frid Street,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada,
L8N 3G3

Inactive. Please use above modes to get in touch.


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