Saturday December 24, 2011

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday December 24, 2011

Merry Integrity Complaint

An Ancaster resident who launched a complaint with the city’s integrity commissioner says Mayor Bob Bratina needs to be held accountable for his chief of staff’s controversial pay raise.

“I believe that the mayor is acting like the Teflon Don,” said Brian Hatch, a lifelong Hamiltonian and former Stelco manager. “He seems to have the opinion that he can pretty much do what he wants and nothing will stick to him.”

“The mayor’s integrity is at question and should be at question,” he added.

“He needs a wake-up call.”

Hatch filed an affidavit for the integrity commissioner through the city clerk’s office Monday morning. He notified city councillors of his complaint in an email circulated later that day.

Hatch alleges Bratina contravened several parts of council’s code of conduct, including Section 13, which prohibits councillors from maliciously or recklessly injuring the professional or ethical reputations of city employees.

That accusation was levelled over Bratina’s claim that chief of staff Peggy Chapman’s raise — to $120,000 from $90,000 a year — was initiated by the city’s human resources staff.

It was later revealed that the mayor’s office requested the pay hike.

In the complaint, Hatch also criticizes Bratina for an alleged lack of transparency.

“I just disagree with his comments about being open and honest and then complaining about leaks,” Hatch told The Spectator. (Source: Hamilton Spectator)